AG Web Services Support

Adding or Assigning a Domain Name

1)    Login in to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)    Click on the "Site Administration" button.

3)    Click the "DNS" icon.

4)    If you already have a Domain Name (i.e. you will need to have that domain directed to our server. Please contact your current hosting provider and ask them to do the following.

They will need to redirect or forward your "A" record or your root domain to a "CNAME" record. Some hosting providers call this an alias. An example of your primary records would be ( &

Please have them forward those records to the following CNAME which is ""

If you have Registered with, Click Here to view and or print a PDF file of complete instructions for making the necessary changes in your new NameCheap account.

If you have a different hosting company, please e-mail us who that is and we can walk you through those changes.  In some cases we may have instructions for that hosting company as well.

If you do not have a domain name at this time, please click here.

5)    Once the above listed steps are complete, please enter your domain(s) in the box provided and click the "Add" button.

6)    You will then see that domain name listed in the Current Domains section.  You can point up to 10 domains to this account. Your website will now be able to located from that particular domain name. You may add up to 10 domain names through this process.

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