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Creating a Frequently Asked Question

1)     Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)     Click on the "FAQS" button.

3)     The first screen that you will see is the FAQS Home Page.

4)     To create a frequently asked question, click the "Add FAQ" link.

5)     Type in the Question.

6)     Type in the Answer.

7)     Select whether or not to publish this FAQ. Check the Box to publish.

8)     Select the Category for this FAQ from the drop-down box.

9)     To save and submit this FAQ, click the "Add" button.

10)   You have the ability to change the order in which the FAQ’s are listed in each category by simply clicking
        and dragging that FAQ into the location that you want it to appear. The other entries will adjust accordingly.  
Once you have submitted an FAQ, you will then be able to upload file resources for this FAQ.

11)   Type in a Resource Link Description.

12)   Type in the location of the resource file to be uploaded or click the "Browse" button to navigate to that location.

13)   To add the resource file, click the "Add" button.

14)   You will now see the Resource File listed in the Current FAQ Resources section.

15)   If you want to delete the Resource File from this FAQ, click the "Delete" link for that particular resource in
        the Current FAQ Resources section.

16)   When finished editing this FAQ, click the "FAQ Home" link at the top of the page to return to the FAQ Home
        Page or click the "Add FAQ" to add an additional FAQ.

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