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Align Pictures with a Table

  1. Login to the "Website Administration Module." (WAM)
  2. Select the "Page Editor."
  3. Choose one of your existing pages to edit.
  4. Upload a picture by clicking on "Media Manager" link.
  5. Choose the appropriate folder you would like the media file saved to.
  6. Choose the Page icon with the green plus arrow near the top of the Media Player.
  7. This will give you the option to "Browse" through your files. Choose the desired file and click the "Open" button. This will give you the option to upload the files.
  8. Click the "Upload Files" button.
    NOTE: You will see a pop up box stating if the upload was successfully or if the process failed.
  9. Close the media manager.
  10. Choose a place in the content editor where you would the image inserted by selecting the drop down arrow by the table button at the top of the page editor. Select a box and move the box to the place where you would like the image inserted.
  11. Click on the insert image button at the top of the editor and select the image you uploaded. Please note your image will be in the folder you saved it to.
  12. Choose the insert button which will place your image into your content editor.
  13. To save and submit this page for use on your website, click the "Add" button.
  14. If you want to cancel this page, click the "Cancel" button to return to the Page Editor screen.

If you would like to view this video, please watch "How to Align a Picture Using a Table."

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