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How to Create a News Article  

1)     Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM)

2)     Click on the "News" button

3)     You will then be presented with a "Search for News Article" screen.

4)     Click on the "Create New News Article" link in the upper right-hand corner of the "Search for News Article"

5)     Type in a Date for this article.

6)     Type in a Title for this article.

· The title is for identification of the article.

· (i.e. General Council Registration Deadline Nearing)

7)       Type in a Teaser for this article.

· The teaser should be a one sentence intro to the article.

· (i.e. The deadline to register for the 2007 meeting of the General Council is July 1, 2007.)

8)       Type in the Body which would include the full content of your article.

9)       Choose a Language from the drop-down box.

10)     Click "Create News Article" to submit your article.

NOTE: You will be notified of any errors that must be corrected before submitting your News Article.

11)     Your News Article will be saved. You will be redirected to the "Edit News Article" screen. You will see a red
          status message at the top of the screen indicating that the News Article was successfully created. The
          information you just supplied will be filled in for you.

12)     You will also now have the ability to add and remove keywords and authors associated with your News Article.

13)     At the bottom of the "Edit News Article" screen there are two fields labeled "Associated Keywords" and
          "Associated Authors."

You can add as many keywords and/or authors as you wish to a News Article. Each of your keyword/authors will be listed in each section with a link to the right of the keyword/author that will allow you to "Remove" their association from your News Article if desired.

14)    Type in a keyword to aid users in searching for your News Article and click the "Add" button.

· Using our Title example from above (General Council Registration Deadline Nearing), you might want to add the keywords "General Council" to the News Article so that users searching for specific information regarding "General Council" would be provided with a link to your News Article.

15)     Type in an author to aid users in searching for your News Article and click the "Add" button.

· You could add the author "John Doe" to this News Article. You can add as many keywords and/or authors as you wish to a News Article. To do so, simply type your keyword or author (in the respective section) and click on the "Add" button.

16)     Click on the "Save Changes" button, when you are finished making all of the necessary changes to your

17)     Click on the "Delete" button if you want to delete this article completely. 

18)     Click on the "Return to Search Screen" button to return to the "News Article Search" screen.

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