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Copy Information from One Page to Another

  1. Login to the "Website Administration Module." (WAM)
  2. Right click on the "Page Editor" and choose "Open in New Window."
    • Please note this will give you the ability to see two different windows.
  3. Select Add Page icon in your new window.
  4. Type in a title for this page.
    This will display in the Navigational Menu on the left-hand side.
  5. Select where this page will appear from the "Member Of" drop-down box.
    • Select New Page Item if you want this to become a new menu item in your navigational menu.
    • If you want this page to be a member of any other group, please select that group.
    NOTE: Remember that you only have a three-tier menu structure.
  6. Choose the Channel (from the drop-down box) that you would like for this page.
  7. In your other window choose the "Page Editor" and select the page from which you wish to copy information to your new content page.
    • To copy information from one page to another, highlight the text/image you wish to copy and press ctrl + c on your keyboard.
    • To paste the information, select the area in the content editor (second window) where you wish the information to be pasted and press ctrl + v on your keyboard.
  8. To save and submit this page for use on your website, click the "Add" button.
  9. If you want to cancel this page, click the "Cancel" button to return to the Page Editor screen.

 If you would like to view this video, please watch "Copy Info From One Page to Another."

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