AG Web Services Support

Selecting a Basic Template

1)         Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

Watch a quick video on how to change your Template!

2)         Click on the "Site Administration" button.

3)         Click on "Templates." 

4)         Click on "Basic Templates."

5)         You will see a list of template categories that is provided by the system that you can pick from. To view the Templates in each category, click the "Name of the Category." In most cases there will be sub-headings as well.

6)         You will then see the list of templates that are active in that category. If you mouse over the name of the template, the image on the right hand side will change to show you a thumbnail of the template design.

7)         To select a template for your site, click the "Template Name."  You will see the image in the top section change as well.

8)         Once you select your template, you will then want to input a Header and Sub Header that will appear in the graphic bar at the top of your template design. You will want enter your church name in the Header box, and then enter a church slogan or address in the Sub Header box.

9)         You can preview your template banner with these headings by clicking on the "Preview" button.

10)       Click the "Save Changes" button when you are ready to submit this banner for your website.

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