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Ideas for Ministry Web Pages

On a ministry website page, visitors will expect the material to be Christian! However, most church and ministry websites seem to be written only for their members. Outsiders are not always obviously welcome. Few church sites carry any sort of link explaining the Gospel and even fewer make such a link look enticing and relevant to non-Christians.

Here are some suggestions from the bottom up, before anything is written, that you should think about when planning pages on your website:

·        Make the site for non-Christians too

·        be welcoming

·        be non-preachy

·        give non-Christians a reason to visit

Church and ministry sites can also use the 'bridge strategy' to draw people in, by making pages on secular topics. A page of secular community links (covering shops, schools, colleges, tourism, local history, etc.) is particularly good for a church site. Sites with pages designed to welcome non-Christians are finding them to be an effective outreach within their community.

You ministry or church website should contain testimonies of some of its members or even non-members as to what is happening in their lives.  People want to know that everyday people are being affected by your ministry and that God has touched their lives through your website and your ministry.

Many non-Christians still look to a church and/or a minister for help with many problems of life. Some church sites offer answers to common problems, and/or pastoral counseling by email or in person. This is very helpful tool in establishing the opportunity to interact with those in your community and even beyond your community.

Remember that your site should be friendly and welcoming, so that visitors will want to return. You want the information on your website to give visitors an advance sense of what they will find if they make a real physical visit to your church.

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