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Uploading & Deleting Photos

1)      Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)      The Photo Gallery screen consists of two sections.

· Add An Album Section

· Current Albums Section

NOTE: An image cannot be uploaded unless there is an Album created to upload to.

3)       To add an Album to your Photo Gallery, type a Title for this Album.

4)       Type a Description for this Album.

5)      To save and submit this Album for use on your website, click the "Add" button.

6)       You will now see the Album listed in the Current Albums section.

7)       To add images or photos to a Current Album, click on the Name of the Album you want to edit.

8)      You will now see the Album Information Screen which consists of three sections.

· Album Information

· Add Image To Album

· Current Images

9)     In the Album Information section you can do the following.

· Edit the Album Name

· Edit the Album Description

· Make this Album Active – "Yes" or "No"

10)   To save and submit your changes to this Album, click the "Update Album" button.

11)   If you want to delete this Album, click the "Delete Album" button.

12)   The Add Image To Album section allows you to actually add images to your album.

13)   Type in an Image Caption.

14)   Type in the location of the image to be uploaded or click the "Browse" button to navigate to that location.

15)   To save and submit this image to your album, click the "Add Image" button.

16)   You will now see the image listed in the Current Images section.

17)   You may change the order in which the photos are listed within each album by simply clicking and dragging
        that image into the location that you want it to appear. The other images will adjust accordingly.

18)   If you want to delete an image from this Album, click the "Delete" link for that particular image in the
        Current Images section.

19)   When finished working with this Album, click the "Photo Gallery Home" link in the upper right-hand corner
        to return to the main Photo Gallery page.

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