AG Web Services Support

Creating Ads For Your Website

1)    Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)    Click on the "Church Ads" button.

3)    The next screen is the Current Ads screen.

4)    Click "New Ad" link in the left-hand corner.

5)    In the "Ad Description" field, type in your own description for this ad.

· The ad description is for your identification purposes only.

6)      Type in the "Link Destination" for this ad.

· The user's browser will be taken to this link when the image is clicked.

7)      Choose the Ad Size to be uploaded from the drop-down box.

8)      Type in the location of the image to be uploaded or click the "Browse" button to navigate to that location.

9)      Type in the text to be shown when the user places their mouse pointer over the image.

10)    Type or select the Publish Begin Date.

· This is the date the image will begin appearing in your local ad space.

11)     Type or select the Publish End Date.

· This is the date the image will no longer appear in your local ad space.

12)      Click "Save" to submit your ad.

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