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How to Search for an Existing News Article

 1)    Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)     Click on the "News" button.

3)     You will then be presented with a "Search for News Article" screen.

4)     To perform a search for an existing RSS (Really Simple Syndication) article, simply provide the information you
        want to search for in the appropriate fields.

You can search for one field or a combination of several fields. If you accept the default screen that comes up, you will see a list of all articles posted in the system.

5)    Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen. A list of results matching your search criteria will then be

6)     To edit an RSS article, click on the name of the article in the display box.

· If you do not find the News Article you wish to edit, click on the "New Search" link at the top of the "News Article Search Results" page. This will take you back to the "Search for News Article" screen where you can change the search criteria and try again.

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