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Creating & Deleting Your Bulletin/Newsletter

1)      Login to your "Website Administration Module" (WAM).

2)      Click on the "Bulletin" button.

3)      The first screen you will see is the Bulletin Overview Page.

4)      The Bulletin Overview screen consists of three sections.

· Add Bulletin

· Current Bulletin

· Archived Bulletins

5)      To add a bulletin to your website, type in a Bulletin Link Caption.

· This will be the display information for this bulletin.

6)     Type in the location of the bulletin file to be uploaded or click the "Browse" button to navigate to that location.

7)     To submit this bulletin for use on your website, click the "Update" button.

8)     You will now see the Bulletin File listed in the Current Bulletin section.

9)     If you want to delete the Bulletin File, click the "Delete" link for that particular bulletin.

10)   To move a Current Bulletin into the Archived Bulletins section, click the "Archive" link on the right.

NOTE:  Archiving a bulletin will move it from being the current active bulletin, but will allow you to store the bulletin on your website for additional purposes.

11)   You can return an archived bulletin to active by clicking the "Make Current" link for that particular bulletin.

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