AG Web Services Support

Purchase Storage Enhancements:

*Purchase 500 megabytes of Storage Space for $120 a year for your website.
Please note there will be no refunds after purchase.

  1. Login to the Website Administration Module (WAM).
  2. Select Site Administration in the menu.
  3. Choose the Enhancements icon.
  4. Select the Buy Now button.
  5. Choose the type of Credit Card you would like to make the purchase with: Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  6. Type in your Card Number.
  7. Type in your Verification Code.
    1. Please Note: This is the three digit CVV2/CVC2 (Security Code) number found on the back of the card in the signature area.
  8. Choose an Expiration date.
  9. Type in the Cardholder's Last Name.
  10. Type in the Cardholder's First Name.
  11. Type in the Church or Company (if applicable):
  12. Type in the Address.
  13. Type in the City.
  14. Type in the State.
  15. Type in the Zip/Postal Code.
  16. Type in the Phone number.
  17. Read and select the Terms of Use for this Enhancement box.
  18. Select the Continue button.
  19. Please confirm all the information entered is correct and click the Confirm button.
  20. If your transaction was successful click the OK button.

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