AG Web Services Support

Viewing Messages in your E-Mail

1)    Open Internet Explorer.

2)    In the address bar, type in and press enter (or select go).

3)    The next screen you will see is the AG login screen.

4)    Type in your "User Name."

5)    Type in your "Password" and click the "Login" button.

6)    You will then see a screen like the one pictured below.

7)    This is your General Mailbox page. This page lists all messages stored in the selected mailbox. You can open and read messages listed on the Mailbox page. You can copy, move, redirect, forward and delete listed messages as well.

Click the "Help" button on the top toolbar to view a list of and/or description of, the navigational buttons that are present in your E-Mail account. To understand what an icon is for in that particular screen, place your mouse on the icon and a help description will appear.

8)    For each message in the mailbox, several message header fields are displayed. The messages are sorted by the highlighted field. The field name (link) can be used to highlight a different field and to change the sorting order.

9)    To open a message, click on the address name of the message you want to open.

10)  When you open a message, you will then view the Message Page. This page presents the content of the selected message. You can read the message, copy, move, delete, redirect, and forward the open message or you can reply to it.

Logging off Your AGChurches.Org E-Mail Account

1)    When you are finished working with the E-Mail account, please logoff by clicking the "Log Off" button on the top toolbar.

2)    You will be returned to the original Login Screen. 

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