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Uploading Files with Media Manager

While creating content in either the Content Editor or the News Article Editor screens, you can access the Media Manager. 

1)     Click on the Media Manager link in the right corner of the content section.

2)     The next screen you will see will be the "Media Manager for WAM Page Editor" screen.

3)     This screen will list all of the folders that are available in the system.

4)     To create a new folder, click the "New Directory" icon.

5)     To see the contents of that folder, double click the folder name.

6)     Once you move inside a folder, you can navigate back up by clicking the "Up Directory"icon.

7)      To upload a file or image, double click on the" "Upload" icon.

8)      In this screen you will click "Browse" to navigate to the image or file on your local system or network drive. Select the image and click "Open."  Your file will appear in the Upload List.

9)      You can upload several files at once by browsing to that file and adding it to the Upload List.

10)    If you need to delete one of the files from the Upload List, click the "DEL" button on the right side of the file name.

11)   When you are finished adding files to your Upload List, click the "Upload Files" button on the bottom right.

12)   To delete a file or folder from the Media Manager, select that file or folder from the file list and click the "Perform Action"   icon.

13)   You will then see a submenu and you click on "Delete."

14)   You can also copy a file, rename a file, view file properties, and execute  other options from this submenu. The same functions work for a "Folder" as well.

15)   When you are finished using the "Media Manager" screen, click the "Close" link at the bottom.


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