AG Web Services Support

Creating a Supported Missionary List

1)     Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)     Click on the "Missions Directory" button.

3)     In order to list a missionary on your support list, you will need to search for them before you can add them.  

4)     Use the search form to find a particular missionary.

5)     Type in a Last Name and/or a First Name or Spouse Name.

6)     Click the "Find" button.

7)     If you make a mistake, click the "Clear" button.

8)     The results screen will now display.

NOTE: If the particular missionary you are looking for does not come up, click the "New Search" link to try again.

9)     To add a missionary to your supported list, click on their "Name."

10)   You will then see the details for that missionary. To add them to your list, click the "Set missionary
           as missionary we support"

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