AG Web Services Support

Creating/Editing/Deleting FAQ Categories

1)    Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)    Click on the "FAQS" button.

3)    The first screen that you will see is the FAQS Home Page.

4)    To create a frequently asked question, click the "Add/Edit FAQ Categories" link.

5)    You will now see the Default FAQ Categories listed.

6)    To add a FAQ category, type in a Title for the Category and click the "Add" button.

7)    You will see the new category appear in the Current FAQ Categories listing.

8)    To edit the Category name, click the "Update" link.

9)    Edit the name and click the "Update" button.

10)  To delete a Category, click the "Delete" button.

11)  You will then be asked to confirm your deletion. Click the "YES" link to delete the category, or click the "NO"
       link to return to the previous screen.

NOTE: By deleting this category, you will also be deleting any FAQS tied to this category.

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