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How do I start to design a website for our church or online ministry?" 

We hear this quite often! I know in most cases, those that are asking these types of questions are referring to the technical side of this project.  But the most important items for your website may have nothing to do with technology.

To have an effective ministry website I believe you need to answer two questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?

  2. And what is our purpose?

If you do not answer those questions, then no matter how stunning your graphics, how perfect your code, or how compelling your design, you will not minister effectively.

Currently over 75 million U.S. adults use the Internet to expand their faith based experience. People are looking for a way to get answers, and a place to learn about God.

Your church website has enormous potential as part of the outreach strategy in your community. Over the next few months we want to share ideas and information that hopefully will help you in creating a true online ministry.  


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