AG Web Services Support

Modifying the Settings of Your E-Mail Account

1)    To modify the default settings associated with your E-Mail account, click on the "Options" button on the top toolbar.

2)    Click the Category Listing in the Options Screen to modify the settings of that category. If you make changes to one of the settings in the Options Screen, please click the "Update" button to save those changes. To reset all of the settings for your E-Mail account, click the "Reset" button.

3)    The following toolbar items will be listed on the Options Screen.

· General

(a)     Appearance

(b)     Default Mailboxes

(c)     Mailbox Viewer

(d)     Message Viewer

(e)     Trash Management

(f)      Text Encoding

(g)     Miscellaneous

· Composer

(a)     Message Composer

· Contacts

(a)     Default Address Books and Mailboxes

(b)     Directory Address Books

· Calendar

(a)     Calendar View

(b)     Working Week

(c)     Event Composing

(d)     Tasks View

· Password

(a)     Password


(a)     External Mail Accounts

· Subscription

(a)     Mailbox Aliases

(b)     Mailbox Subscription

(c)     Open Mailbox

· Secure Mail

(a)     Import Key & Certificate

· Public Info

(a)     Public Information Elements

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