AG Web Services Support

Creating a Prayer Request or Praise Report

1)     Login to your "Website Administrator Module" (WAM).

2)     Click on the "Prayer and Praise" button.

3)     You will then be presented with the "Prayer and Praise Home Page" screen.

4)     Click on the "Add Prayer Request/Praise Report" link in the upper right-hand corner of the "Prayer and
        Praise Home Page" screen.

5)     Type in your Name for this Prayer or Praise item.

· (i.e. John Doe – If it is confidential you should enter Anonymous.)

6)     Select the Request Type from the drop-down box.

7)     Select the Status for this item from the drop-down box.

Status Info:  Confidential

  Pending Publication


8)     Type in a Request Title.

· (i.e. Missionary Needs Urgent Prayer)

9)     Type the full content of your Prayer Request or Praise Report.

10)   To save and submit this Prayer Request or Praise Report, click the "Add" button.

11)   If you want to cancel this item, click the "Cancel" button.

12)   Once you have the Prayer / Praise Request submitted, you may change the order in which
        they are listed by clicking and dragging that Prayer Request or Praise Report into the
        location that you want it to appear. The other entries will adjust accordingly.

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