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Things Every Ministry Website Should Include Are:

A design that reflects “people”, not buildings. People are searching for others who they can relate to in order to establish a relationship. Buildings represent “institution”, not one on one fellowship.

Announcements and calendar of events. Most surveys on many church and ministry websites have revealed as high as 60% of visitors are looking for information about what, where, and when. A website can be a cost-saving advertisement medium.

A way for people to find out how to get involved. Provide an easy way for someone to learn about the need, or how and who to contact to get involved.

A way for users to register online. Whether it’s just registering for a newsletter, registering for events, submitting prayer requests or praise reports, you need to get people to tell you who they are.

A “Resource” area. Whether it’s a download area for bulletins, sermon notes, or audio and video downloads, you need something to keep people coming back. Think “Web Ministry”!

A way for users to contact you from the website. You need to provide as much contact information as possible, including address, phone, and e-mail address.

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