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Composing a New Message

The Composer page can be opened either directly, by clicking on the Compose link, or as a result of a Reply or Forward command.


1)       To create a new mail message, click the "Compose" button on the top toolbar.

2)      The Composer Page contains the following panels:

· The message header panel with the To, Subject, From, and BCC fields, and option controls.

· The message body text area.

· The attachment controls.

3)      You can attach one or several files to a message you want to send. Click the "Browse" button (or a similar button your browser displays for "file-type" fields) and select a file on your local drive. The name of the selected file appears in the Attachment field. Use other Attachment fields to send several files with your message.

NOTE: You should attach files after all other message fields are filled. If you click any button (for example, a button that opens the Address Book), the file selection will be cleared and you will have to select the files again.

4)       To send a message, fill the header panel fields, type the message text into the message body text area, and click the "Send" button.

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